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At CBL we only fabricate FRP because our customers, the Architects, GC’s, Drywall Subs and Building Owners, want the strength and durability of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)! 

FRP, or Fiber Reinforced Plastic, is quite different from GFRG (glass fiber reinforced gypsum) and GFRC (glass fiber reinforced cement). If you were to take a piece of GFRC or GFRG, you can break it easily. Take the same size piece of FRP and it’s as tough as nails - you can’t break it! That’s why boats and tractor trailer cabs are FRP - water resistant, tough and durable. And paint doesn’t peal from its surface because it doesn’t absorb moisture like GFRC and GFRG. Once FRP is up on a building, paint it and forget it - $0 maintenance for years! (Contact us for photos illustrating failed GFRC joints as well as whole columns, mostly due to moisture absorption.) 

The only thing that deteriorates FRP is UV which is easily taken care of by an application of quality acrylic paint over the primed gel coat. This will last years because there is no moisture in the FRP to push the paint off in blisters. At CBL we require all our exterior fiberglass to be painted! In fact, we factory prime all our fiberglass with high performance acrylic latex primer. Further, we sand our parts to remove the mold release before we prime. Many of our competitors require the installer to sand their parts in an attempt to remove residual mold release before priming and painting. 

With the only exception being our standard tapered Tuscan columns, we specialize in fabricating custom profiles because many of the Architects we serve aren’t interested in adapting their design to a catalog of shapes. They want us to make what they design. And, our custom profile pricing will often beat our competitions standard catalog inventory pricing using molds based on other Architects past projects. 


Whatever the job, we'd love to discuss! 

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